We’re just a couple of parents fumbling about as we try and figure out this whole parenting deal. If you have any thoughts, suggestions, what have you, feel free to reach out on social media or by email at villagepersonspodcast(at)gmail.com

Victoria makes comics over at Art by Victoria Bolduc on Facebook and ftmomics on Instagram. She’s a first-time mom and has zero clue as to what she’s doing. Thankfully Daniel does all of the math because she only has four brain cells.

Outside of art and saying weird things all of the time, Victoria has a vested interest in child advocacy.

Dan is the lesser half of the best friend duo. When he’s not busy idolizing Victoria or being enamored by his son, he’s thinking of when he was on random podcasts, submitting articles to Retroware and some other random little endeavours.

One of the random endeavours was writing a book about physics in video games and how they are connected to real-life scenarios. Can Samus space jump? Can Kirby exist? Click the location below to get your copy and find out today (not really, it has to ship first):
Is your location not listed? Contact Dan at physicsofvideogames(at)hotmail.com to get a copy signed and shipped to you!